Sunday, 22 September 2013

How To Change Blogger Template

If you want a professional design for your blog or website, then you must add Template to Blogger. Templates is just like the theme of your website. If you are using Blogger default templates, you might have observed that the design layout is too simple. Also your blog design plays an important role. Choosing a professional theme for your blog or website will attract more and more visitors.

Now the question might come to your mind. “Where can I get a professional design for my website?” It’s simple. You just need to find the right one which you link and install to Blogger. Here are some of the websites I have provided below where you can get professional design for your blog –

Just visit those websites. They really provide high quality design layout and SEO optimized templates. Select one design which you like and there will be download option somewhere below. Download the file and save it. Now comes the part how to install the Template to Blogger.

How To Change Blogger Template ?

To change the Blogger Template, just follow the steps below –

  • Go to your Blogger Dashboard.
  • Now go to Template Tab.

  • At the top right corner, you will see Backup/Restore button. Click on it.

  • You will see like the image below. To backup your existing template, click on Download full template tab.

  • Now select the file which you have downloaded and Upload it. Done!

So that’s it. You have added Template to your Blogger. Now view your Blog to see the design layout and results.

I hope you found this helpful. Any questions or having some trouble, feel free to comment below.


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